Underlying my practice there is a flow of ideas, based on observations that have been pivotal to everything I do. My practice is lateral research around these thoughts..


//central idea of objectification vs. subjectification//

//a ritualistic, inevitable cycle channeling the existential nature of fashion and vanity in relation to our cultural codes//

//investigating cultural projections of identity through fashion, body and dolls//

//figurative representation in its many forms, the animate and inanimate//

//personal organic disposition, the starting point to anything we see or do.//

//Humour is never really humourous//

//elements of early illustration analyze cyclical, multi-layered identities subconsciously//

//innate visual iconography such as serpent-like structures/sculpture around mirrors and dolls and other video work//

 //representation of the clinically clean, ideologically sterile, the beautiful


the existential component of the (organic) physical being//

//the rhythmic, indoctrinated, multiplicated/ act of production through cloning both physically and ideologically//

//something being confrontational and rebellious and therefore interrupting the rythm//

//multiple, contradictory aesthetics//

//thirst for cultural perfection is inextricably tangled together in an ever-evolving pattern//

//on the outside seemingly monochrome, and on the inside a myriad of patterns, colour and a construction of raw biological elements//

//the closer you inspect it, the more you see, and the more you get confused while being enlightened at the same time//

Su Ling Gyr, 2014